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The mission of the Hare Goalkeeper Academy (HGA) is to provide training opportunities to goalkeepers of all levels in an effort to create a consistent and competitive environment, which advances individual development. Hare Goalkeeper Academy training programs allow for the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological qualities of the goalkeeper to be enhanced and refined through specialized, challenging, and age appropriate training. Hare Goalkeeper Academy founder and director Gerald “Jerry” Hare is committed to helping committed players realize their potential and reach their desired level of performance.


Our Aim is to:

·        Ensure a high standard of coaching.

·        Raise goalkeeping standards and profile.

·        Focus on individual needs.

·        Advise in nutrition.

·        Always have the emphasis on learning and fun, based on hard,

            but enjoyable work.


Our Objectives:

·        To learn and enjoy.

·        To improve technique through simple and realistic practice.

·        To be hard working and open minded.

·        To improve the goalkeepers understanding of the position.

·        To give the goalkeepers the “Tools in the Box” they require to be a 

          successful  and consistent goalkeeper as well as giving them the

          confidence needed to play the position to the best of their ability – the

          rest is up to you!

·        To develop movement skills and patterns specific to goalkeeping.

·        To look how goalkeepers learn.

·        To teach key tactical aspects of goalkeeping.

·        To help goalkeepers with decision making and other psychological aspects

          of goalkeeping.

·        To make the goalkeeper a consistent and skillful player.

·        To ultimately improve the match performance.


Whether goalkeepers have dreams to play for big clubs or not, we want to help each and every goalkeeper to develop within their capabilities and get them ready to play at the highest possible level they can achieve. Our academy will cover all techniques and skills of goalkeeping: specific warm-ups, handling, footwork, diving, shot diving, shot stopping, one v one, crossing, dealing with the back pass, distribution and so much more. These topics will be covered in realistic match related practices – giving you the edge when you return to your team. Come and join us!


Please note:

The Hare Goalkeeper Academy is NOT connected to any football / soccer club. It is an independent organization and will work together with any interested clubs or individual players.


There are other programs out there, but there is only one Hare Goalkeeper Academy as the place where goalkeepers of all ages come for excellence, self-confidence and consistency. Attend one of our clinics, training programs or camps and initiate a special bond that will impact you for life.






2018 Hare Goalkeeper Academy 2018 Clinics Announcement

Date Posted: 3/1/2018

There will be no Spring Goalkeeper Clinic this year but will return for 2019 Spring Goalkeeper Clinic. Our next clinic will be Late Fall Goalkeeper Clinic. Please check back in late August for details.


In the meantime, the private training schedule is open. Please visit the  training programs page for details on private training and call Jerry Hare (412) 486-8284 or email jerry@haregoalkeeperacademy.com for any questions or to arrange private lessons. 


2018 Hare Goalkeeper Academy 2018 Camps Announcement

Date Posted: 2/9/2018


Hare Goalkeeper Academy is proud to announce our 2018 summer camps at Kiski School in Saltsburg, PA. We are offering three camps - Junior GK Academy, Middle School Academy and College Prep Academy. Hare Goalkeeper Academy would like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our camps this summer. If you bring us a willingness to work and a desire to learn, you will take home a guaranteed improvement in goalkeeping skills, knowledge of your unique physical capabilities, a fitter body, and an understanding of what it takes to achieve your goalkeeping goals. This will be a unique opportunity for the youth and high school goalkeepers from the tri-state area and as well as across the country to train together at Kiski School in a small college like campus environment. If you have the commitment to become a better goalkeeper, please join us this summer for

a truly unique goalkeeping experience.

Our one-day Goalkeeper ID Academy and the Goalkeeper Residential Academy at Westminster College (PA) will be announced at a later date in conjunction with their camps, College Bound ID Camp and the Residential and Commuter Soccer Camp. The camps are located in New Wilmington, PA, located an hour north of Pittsburgh. For details and registration on our camps, please visit: http://www.haregoalkeeperacademy.com/camps.html



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