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Commuter Campers

You are to arrive at the assigned dorm at the Memorial Fieldhouse at Westminster College between 1:00pm and 2:30pm for registration check-in procedures follow by a camp roll call at orientation at 3:00pm. We recommend that campers bring additional clothing as they will be on the field for three separate sessions throughout the day and evening. Activities will start at 3:30pm on Day 1 and finish at 9:00pm. On Days 2 & 3, we will start at 9:00am, and conclude at 8:15pm. On final day, camp will start at 8:45am and conclude promptly at 3:45pm. Be sure to remember to bring your water bottle, sunscreen and insect repellant.


Residential Campers

You are to arrive at the assigned dorm at the Memorial Fieldhouse at Westminster College Memorial Fieldhouse between 1:00pm and 2:30pm for registration check-in procedures follow by a camp roll call at orientation at 3:00pm. The camp will end on the final day at 3:45pm. Be sure to remember to bring your water bottle, sunscreen and insect repellant.


Residential Campers with Cars: Campers who drive themselves to camp must voluntarily turn in their car keys at registration for security purposes. Campers are not permitted to leave campus at any time during their camp stay. Keys will be returned at the close of camp during the sign-out procedure.


Camper Sign-out - Last day of Camp: A sign-out station will be set-up inside dorm near the main door, where the coach will return car keys to residents after each room inspection are completed by the camp director and the coaches.


Medical History Form: Upon receipt of a camper registration and medical release forms, a confirmation packet, which includes a medical history form, will be sent out by email that needs to be completed by parent or a medical doctor. Physical exams conducted as of September for the current school year may be attached to our Medical Form provided all necessary information is provided. It is imperative that you remember to bring your medical form to camp. Please note that a camper cannot participate without a completed medical history form.


Request for Roommate (for Residential Campers): The camp welcomes roommate requests and will attempt to accommodate the requests, but does not guarantee them. Roommate requests must correspond to each other. Rooming assignments are done one week prior to the start of a session. It is recommended that roommates send in their applications at the same time.


Airport Transportation (for Residential Campers): The Hare Goalkeeper Academy Camps does not provide transportation. However, we recommend that you call or email our office to get a list of available shuttle services to / from Westminster College.


Parents Welcome: Parents are welcome to watch our session at any time.


Evaluation Form: Written evaluations will be given to players at the end of camp. The HGA Evaluation Form presents a detailed evaluation of each player's progress at camp. This form may serves as the camper's permanent record of his/her performance at camp. It may be used by campers as a training tool and may also be used by college coaches in recruitment programs and in evaluating former campers for staff positions at camp. Each camper is given the original form, a second copy will be kept in our camp office for two years for college recruiting purposes.


Housing: The staff and residents will be housed in assigned dormitory. The conditions of the rooms will be checked periodically by the camp staff for cleanliness and safety issues. The campers will receive their assigned dorm rooms during camp check-in procedures.


Homesickness: Experience shows that homesickness is the number one cause of camper unhappiness. Please discuss with your children ways to alleviate homesickness before it starts, such as specific times in the day to talk on the phone. Suggested time periods for telephone calls are during rest / relax periods. Please check the schedule before making the call.


HGA and Westminster College staff will do its best to help campers through these situations and will work with parents so that homesickness will not interfere with a positive camp experience. Parents are always welcome to visit their children at camp. Although sometimes we have found this can actually create homesickness.


Supervision for Residential Campers: Hare Goalkeeper Academy and Westminster College Camps understand that supervision is a concern of all parents. As such we take a lot of pride in providing supervision during all aspects of the camp. All of our staff stays on campus and in the dorms with the campers. We have coaches on each floor of the dorms, so if the campers have any problems or concerns they can quickly and easily locate a coach. Male and female staff coaches are assigned according to gender. Our certified athletic trainer also stays on campus and is available 24 hours in case of emergency. Any camper not feeling well will not stay in dorms alone during training sessions, they must come to the soccer field so that they can be supervised and treated by the trainer. Our small staff-to-camper ratio allows us to have a constant presence in the eyes of the campers. Before leaving for field sessions, meetings, or pool sessions the entire camp will meet and each staff coach takes attendance for their group. The group will not leave until all campers are accounted for. Campers are escorted to all functions with the coaches spread out among the campers. The staff will ensure campers are in their rooms and go to bed at the specified times as well as making sure they are up in the morning for breakfast as well as making sure the campers attend all meals. All of this creates friendship between staff and campers while at the same time functioning to provide adequate supervision at all times. This creates a great environment where the focus is learning and having fun with no distractions.


Cell Phones: An increasing number of campers are bringing cell phones to camp as many dormitories are no longer equipped with landline or pay phones. HGA and Westminster College cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen cell phones/computers.


Camp Store: The HGA and Westminster College Camp Stores will be open during the camp week and will have pizza, cold drinks, snacks and Westminster College Soccer clothing. For Hare Goalkeeper Academy clothing and hats, please see Coach Jerry Hare during camp store hours. Pizzas will be available after evening sessions, however orders must be taken immediately after dinner.


Bank Account: HGA-Westminster College Camps strongly suggest that you open a bank account at the camp store for your son or daughter so they donít have to carry money around. Average account will have $30.00. Any unused money will be returned at checkout.


Personal Property / Equipment: Please do not lend to or borrow from other campers and staff coaches personal items such as soccer balls, jerseys, gloves, electronic equipment, cell phones, computers, etc. HGA and Westminster College cannot be held responsible for items found missing or damaged and is not liable for loss or theft of camper's personal property.


Laundry / Internet Access: At HGA / Westminster College Residential Camps, there is an opportunity to do laundry, however, we recommend that campers bring plenty of spare clothes / kit with them so that they do not have to do laundry during camp. The laundry facility is located in our assigned dorm or the dining hall. HGA / Westminster College camp staff will supervise and help the campers to do their own laundry, but HGA camp staff will not do their laundry for them.


Westminster College Campus is equipped with free wireless internet access. Campers can access to the internet to exchange emails from parents, play games, browsing the internet and etc. on their laptop computers. If a camper wants access to the internet, please ask the camp director for access code.


Checklist of Needs for Residential Camp: A full checklist of needs for the residential camp is part of the confirmation packet, which will be sent to each camper by email upon receipt of his or her camp registration and medical release / parent consent forms.



If any question, please contact HGA office at (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email .