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Female campers are to arrive between 8:00am and 9:00am at the Memorial Fieldhouse for registration check-in procedures follow by a camp roll call and field session. The male campers are to arrive between 12:30pm and 1:30pm at the Memorial Fieldhouse for registration check-in procedures follow by a camp roll call and field session.


We recommend that campers bring additional clothing as they will be on the field for two separate sessions throughout the day and evening. Be sure to remember to bring your water bottle, sunscreen and insect repellant.


Medical History Form: Upon receipt of a camper registration and medical release forms, a confirmation packet, which includes a medical history form, will be sent out by email that needs to be completed by parent or a medical doctor. Physical exams conducted as of September for the current school year may be attached to our Medical Form provided all necessary information is provided. It is imperative that you remember to bring your medical form to camp. Please note that a camper cannot participate without a completed medical history form.


Parents Welcome: Parents are welcome to watch our session at any time.


Evaluation Form: Written evaluations will be emailed to players 1-2 days after camp has completed. The HGA Evaluation Form presents a detailed evaluation of each player's progress at camp. This form may serves as the camper's permanent record of his/her performance at camp. It may be used by campers as a training tool and may also be used by college coaches in recruitment programs and in evaluating former campers for staff positions at camp. Each camper is given the original form, a second copy will be kept in our camp office for two years for college recruiting purposes.


Cell Phones: Please keep cell phones turned off and stored in bag during field sessions, campus presentation and tour. Phones may be used only during meal break.


Personal Property / Equipment: Please do not lend to or borrow from other campers and staff coaches personal items such as soccer balls, jerseys, gloves, electronic equipment, cell phones, etc. HGA and Westminster College cannot be held responsible for items found missing or damaged and is not liable for loss or theft of camper's personal property.



If any question, please contact HGA office at (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email .